ALLE BARN KAN VÆRE _____, 2020

A collaborative project in design activism, where our theme was gender identity and children. We made four illustrations with a common colour pallette and themes, through which we wanted to communicate that children can decide freely who they are, independent from gender stereotypes. The posters were hung up all over the city, mostly near schools. In my illustration I have illustrated the person so that all children are able to see themselves in some aspect of them, regardless of their own gender identity. I also wanted to communicate that you can have a variety of interests and dreams, and that these do not have to be connected to your gender. 

I am a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Bergen, and works as a risograph technician, teaching design and art students the process and technique of printing with a risograph, at Faculty of fine art, music and design (KMD), UiB. In May 2020 I finished a bachelor degree in visual communication at KMD. I love the ocean (even though I am afraid of it), collect old photographs and books, and enjoy drinking tea and having a cat on my lap.