About me

Graphic design


I work at Pamflett where I teach the technique and process of riso printing, and print riso for customers. I love the ocean (even though I fear it), collect old photographs and books, and enjoy drinking tea with a cat on my lap. 


Annual program, and two flyers, for Barnas Katedral. This was a project I worked on during my internship with Studio Boi. The goal was to create illustrations of a small universe or world, and I chose to make a world of fantasy flowers, that were bigger than the children. The angel baby is a character that Barnas Katedral uses in all of their visual material, but I chose to add a baby of colour as well, because I wanted more children to feel represented. For the easter and christmas flyer, I made illustrations and colours to fit each theme. Studio Boi has made flyers for Barnas Katedral for several years, and it was important to make sure I kept the same overall look on these as the old ones.