About me

Graphic design


I work at Pamflett where I teach the technique and process of riso printing, and print riso for customers. I love the ocean (even though I fear it), collect old photographs and books, and enjoy drinking tea with a cat on my lap. 


A photography- and book design project I made in collaboration with graphic designer Doğa Gönüllü, while I was at ArtEZ. The project started as a fictive collaboration between photographer Roger Ballen and the Icelandic rap group Reykjavikurdætur, where we envisioned what would happen if they worked together. The project eventually developed into a book of photographs, where we wanted the viewer to reflect on why seeing ordinary people’s unedited, unfiltered bodies makes them uncomfortable. The papier maché bird masks are a hommage to the many masks and strange faces in Roger Ballen’s photographs.