“Jeg er her ennå” means “I am still here”. This was my bachelor project for my graduation in visual communication at KMD. The end result is a small collection of partially animated illustrations, as part of a fictive campaign for Nasjonalforeningen for Folkehelsen. My research question was “How can I visualize the experience of living with dementia through illustration?”. The quotes the illustrations are based on, that are also shown in the videos, are things said by people living with dementia. I wanted to invoke empathy, lift their voices, and communicate that dementia is more than just being a little forgetful. Dementia has a whole list of other symptoms, varying between individuals, and between the different types of dementia. The handdrawn and handwritten is meant to underline individuality and the personal, and the handwriting can be associated with handwritten letters or diary notes.

The videos can be viewed underneath (you might have to choose HD quality manually in the video’s settings. 

I am a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Bergen, and works as a risograph technician, teaching design and art students the process and technique of printing with a risograph, at Faculty of fine art, music and design (KMD), UiB. In May 2020 I finished a bachelor degree in visual communication at KMD. I love the ocean (even though I am afraid of it), collect old photographs and books, and enjoy drinking tea and having a cat on my lap.