Packaging design for a silver bird bottle opener. The packaging says something about what is inside, without being explicit about what it contains. The box is made out of cardboard, and I have carefully cut of some of the top layer, to make cloud shapes, hinting about the bird inside. I did this also to bring out the beautiful wavy texture that is underneath the smooth top layer of the cardboard. I also carved out a stamp with the same text and symbols as the ones on the bottom of the bottle opener, and used this on the outside. The stamp and the text says something about the age of the product, “Made in W-Germany”. The box can stand on two of its surfaces, and tilt between these, mirroring the movement of the bottle opener when it is used. 

I am a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Bergen, and works as a risograph technician, teaching design and art students the process and technique of printing with a risograph, at Faculty of fine art, music and design (KMD), UiB. In May 2020 I finished a bachelor degree in visual communication at KMD. I love the ocean (even though I am afraid of it), collect old photographs and books, and enjoy drinking tea and having a cat on my lap.