About me

Graphic design


I work at Pamflett where I teach the technique and process of riso printing, and print riso for customers. I love the ocean (even though I fear it), collect old photographs and books, and enjoy drinking tea with a cat on my lap. 


An illustrated “photo album” of old photographs and handwriting found at my grandfather’s farm. The illustrations are drawn with the photographs as references, and depict scenes from life on the farm, for the people who lived there before my family. Some of the photographs had text written on the back, in the wavy and curly hand writing used back then. I wanted to see if I could make this into a font, to be written digitally, so I analyzed all of the hand writing very carefully, collected the different shapes, and worked on making the letters connect seamlessly. It was challenging to transform the handwriting into a font, and inevitably some of the original personality and variation of the handwriting was lost. I don’t think there is a way to keep these aspects in a digital font, but it was incredibly interesting to work on, and it made me reflect a lot on how much the movement of an individual’s hand shows up in their writing, and how we can never replicate someone else’s writing accurately for this very reason, only resemble it.